Self-learning decision support system for real-time job sequence and machine allocation planning


Chair of Logistic Systems

The Chair of Logistic Systems at OvGU conducts research in the areas of planning, design, analysis and evaluation of logistic systems and networks. Because of the heterogeneous team, a wide variety of problems in science and industry can be solved with numerous methods and instruments.


Artificial Intelligence Lab

The Artificial Intelligence Lab at OvGU is dedicated to improving the cognitive abilities of machines and reducing the friction in human-computer interaction. We develop novel signal processing and deep learning algorithms for the analysis of sensory data and investigate new approaches for interacting with machines such as through EEG or eye tracking.


Tectron GmbH Worbis


Tectron has been a reliable partner in the field of electronic manufacturing services for over 25 years. The range of services includes more than just the production of electronic assemblies. Tectron offers the entire range of electronic manufacturing services.


Thorsis Technologies GmbH


Thorsis Technologies has been active in the field of industrial communication and distributed automation since 1997. The company is a partner to leading manufacturers of automation and environmental technology in Germany and abroad.

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